Paid To Surveys

Earn Money With PaidViewpoint Surveys

Paid Viewpoint has streamlined the survey taking process, so that you don’t spend more than six minutes on average completing a survey. You earn points for each survey you complete.

The payout comes when you have earned $15 in points. You can earn even more points through what Paid Viewpoint calls its Trust Score system, which basically requires you to be consistent and honest in your responses. Paid Viewpoint doesn’t collect or share your personal information, but it does want to get a sense of the personality traits, demographics and interests. Paid Viewpoint uses this information in deciding which survey requests you respond to.

You can earn additional points through Paid Viewpoint’s referral system–when your friends sign up and complete a minimum of six surveys. Paid Viewpoint has set up a way to invite your friends to the site via your social networks.

Taking Surveys

Even as you registered for a Paid Viewpoint membership, you began earning points and money. Most of the registration survey questions involve demographic information about you – including employment and marital status, level of education, and career background.

Many of the marketing surveys are based on products like the iPhone, kitchen products, logo design, and brand appeal. You can choose to be notified about a survey through your e-mail, phone or text message. There is a limited time and number of responders to respond to and complete a survey, so you will need to log into your account as soon as possible when a survey notice arrives.

Based on the first and only Paid Viewpoint survey I’ve taken, I found the process to be quick and easy, though some of the questions were a little vague. As you complete the survey, you are told how much time it would take to get it done. Paid Viewpoint said its surveys typically take no longer than 5 or 6 minutes “but the longer a survey is, the more you will earn.”

Registration link here : PaidViewpoint – Welcome


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